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This is R2DZ, a game where even enemies and bosses are randomly generated. Use randomly generated weapons and armor to explore a random dungeon with multiple distinct biomes.

- Up to 4 player co-op
- Large variety of stats and special properties that define your weapons and armor. Find crazy combinations!
- See an enemy using a crazy weapon? Kill, loot and use it yourself!
- Large open randomized map that you can explore in any order you want. Enemies grow stronger as the bosses of each area are defeated, but so do you!
- Every biome and every boss fight has its own song. There are some bangers out there.
- It's not easy. With how different each run is, even I and all my playtesters are constantly facing new challenges.

Release version 0.1 includes the first area, with 1 or 2 new areas planned. This first area includes an open, randomized map with 6 distinct biomes, 6 randomized boss fights and a final boss. And of course the features listed above.

I am releasing this version now as I find it to be quite fun and very replayable. I hope to receive feedback that will help me polish the current experience and add requested features before moving on to adding brand new content.

Controls (Keyboard/Xbox/PS4. Also available through in-game tutorial):

WASD / left analog to move
Left and right click / L1 and R1 to attack
Space / A / X to jump
LShift / B / Circle to dash
Middle mouse / X / Square to use item
LCtrl + left and right click / L2 and R2 to use special (when available)
LAlt / D-pad up to show item texts
E / Y / Triangle to interact with items/NPCs/etc
Q / R3 to lock on to enemies
Tab / Select / Share to toggle map. Select waypoint and interact to teleport


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